PT Dian Swastatika Sentosa Tbk (DSS) is one of the business pillars of Sinarmas group. DSS is currently engaged in several business sectors, with main focus in power generation business. With the vision of becoming the leading company in energy and infrastructure, supported by over 80 subsidiaries and joint ventures, and more than 2.000 employees, DSS employees are key stakeholders for business growth. DSS provides good working environment for prospective individuals.


Our development programmes are designed to develop recent university graduates who will contribute to company with the required knowledge, skill, and attitude.

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Internship enables you to apply the knowledge you learned at school or university and to learn real cases or projects. It is a great opportunity to prepare yourself to enter the real business world. Internship is offered on limited and selective basis, depending on the need and availability of mentors.

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DSS looks for high quality human resources to support the business growth as well as to provide exciting career path.

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